When the heat is on to create a quick but nevertheless impressive pudding for guests, the answer could be in the cupboard.

We’ve pulled together some high Italian summer dessert recipes that won’t have you slaving over a hot stove – far from it!  These light and fruity desserts take natural fruits and pair them with Doria’s traditional biscuits to create a selection of dishes that will brighten up your dinner party.

Try our Yoghurt Berry and Amaretti Crumble, made with Doria’s finely crushed almondy Amaretti biscuits and a generous helping of mixed summer fruits like blueberries, chopped fresh strawberries and raspberries.  Layer them with lavish Greek yoghurt and naturally runny honey and you have perfection. Pop individual desserts into a trendy jam jar and you have perfection with a sophisticated twist.

Ice lollies are not just for children you know.  Especially hand-made ones that contain high protein Greek yoghurt, honey and fresh strawberries, all frozen and topped with crunchy crushed Doria Ratafias.  These are Strawberry Yoghurt and Ratafia Popsicles and are the perfect summer cooler.

This one is a peach:  If you try it at home, your friends will be amazed at your ingenuity.  Take a fresh peach, cut it in half, removing the stone then marinate it in lovely stuff, griddle it and serve with crushed Doria Ratafias mixed with Italian mascarpone.  It’s called Griddled Rosemary, Ratafias and Mascarpone Peaches and its divino.

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