Where it all began

Doria’s story goes right back to the late 1800s and a humble village baker -Alessandro Zanin – who started making bread in the hills of Treviso. His son Ugo, learned all there was about baking from his father and went forth to open bakeries across the province selling their trademark bread. But life was soon to become a little sweeter.

After the war, Ugo married a talented pastry chef called Antonietta, and the pair introduced a line of sweet pastry goods. Soon after, the couple created the famous Bucaneve biscuit, with its delectable taste and unmistakable flower shape. In the late 1950s, the Doria brand was created, using the classic Genoese name of the couple’s dear friend Rene Doria, a master biscuit maker.

Where we are today

Today, the Doria name continues to thrive and stand for genuine authentic Italian produce, made the old fashioned way. Although our delicious products are now popular worldwide, our heart still lies in the hillsides of rural Italy, with our headquarters just outside the city of Treviso where Alessandro Zanin opened his first bakery.