Amaretti Biscuits

Legend has it that in the early 1700s, a Milanese bishop visited Saronno and was so enchanted by the almond sweetness of these baked delights that he blessed their makers and declared the biscuits a national delicacy. Dainty and delicious, amaretti was our grandmother Antoinetta’s favourite after dinner indulgence and today they are as popular in our family as ever.

Enjoy Amaretti the Doria way:
Serve with delicious gelati ice cream or for something different try dipping into your favourite red wine.

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Ratafias Mini Biscuits

Petite and enticing, these bite-sized mini amaretti deliver that unmistakable bittersweet flavour that reflects the wholesome simplicity of Italian baking. Made using our grandmother Antoinetta’s secret recipe, our Ratafias are the perfect accompaniment to a bold espresso, a creamy dessert or a little treat just for you.

Enjoy Ratafias the Doria way…
Perfect with a simple bold espresso, or try adding a little Italian flavour to a homemade cake.

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Doriano Crackers

Made with slow-rise sourdough and traditional leavening techniques our classic crackers remain true to grandfather Ugo’s original recipe. Golden and crispy with a sprinkle of salt, our Doriano are cooked with fire and air for a ‘fresh from the oven’ texture and flavour. We’re proud that they are still considered as good as bread amongst Italians today.

Enjoy Doriano crackers the Doria way…
Try topping with a chopped beef tomato, a little red onion and a pinch of oregano.

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