Why does the bitter almond flavour of the classic Amaretti biscuit (or Ratafia, the mini version) pair so well with other flavours? The answer lies in its origin:

Bitter almond is the pronounced marzipan flavour that is found in almond extract, almond essence and Amaretti. The extract is derived from bitter almond kernels and from other stone fruits such as apricot and peach and goes particularly well with fellow members of the rose family – stone fruits, berries, apples, pears and rose itself.

This explains the pleasing balance to the classic Italian dessert of baked peaches with Amaretti as the biscuits share their almond flavour with peach stones. Contrast that with fresh rosemary which has subtly sweet pine and floral notes but adds a lovely smoky character when roasted or griddled. Then try our exotic tasting Griddled Rosemary, Ratafias and Marscapone Peaches . You can pick out the sweet and bitter combo with smoky floral notes of this simple but stunning dessert all tempered deliciously with the classic Italian cream cheese.

For more of a show-stopper to please the toughest Berry/Hollywood test, combine the flavour of bitter almonds with two of its other complementary flavours; cinnamon and cherry. Our Amaretti and Cinnamon Pavlova with Black Cherries is a trio of Italian flavours. The floral and spicy notes of the cherries are warmed by the sweet, warm cinnamon and both enjoy their marriage with the almond flavours and textures from the crunchy crumbles of Amaretti or Ratafia.

And then for Italian simplicity, almond and coffee is an inescapable alchemy. You don’t need to be told how coffee’s notes of blackcurrant, coriander seed, clove, vanilla, chocolate and nuts positively embrace the bitter sweet Amaretti biscuit in all its hard, crunchy, dunk-able glory. Just try it and love it!

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