As the Autumn descends like a damp, dark blanket our thoughts turn to warm, comforting food to feed our post-summer blues.

A creamy Doria Butternut Squash, Sage and Amaretti Lasagne is one of those recipes that cheers you up, without the need for wine or chocolate.

Oozing with buttery white sauce and parmesan cheese, with the interesting almondy crunch of crushed Doria Amaretti biscuits. Try it and bake some joy into these colder, windier times!

If a steaming bowl of natural fruit crumble is more your cup of tea, you will love Doria’s recipe for Comforting Almond and Fruit Crumble.

The combination of sweet, fresh plums, frozen mixed berries and an Italian hint of crushed Doria Ratafias makes this the best twist on a crumble you’ll find out there. It suggests a sophisticated touch to replace traditional lumpy custard with a rich spoonful of Greek yoghurt.

Tomatoes ripe and roasted are one of life’s gifts. Well, we think so anyway. To warm up the cockles after a hearty walk, what about a yummy mug of Roast Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with an oily dollop of Italian Pesto and pine nuts?

Roast the tomatoes, garlic and peppers in the oven and then whir up with hot chicken or vegetable stock and serve, making sure it’s piping hot. Serve with buttered Doriano crackers and pesto and relax while listening to the news on the radio.


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